How to Process Aloe Vera to be More Useful


Aloe Vera or Aloe Vera is known as one of the garden decorative plants. Its beautiful and unique shape makes it fresh to the eye. Behind its beauty, Aloe Vera also keeps a million benefits to humans. This century, aloe vera is no longer known solely as an ornamental plant. It has been cultivated on a large scale because its market share has penetrated almost all industrial lines, call it culinary industry, medicine, and cosmetics. Maybe you have been perfumed with cosmetics as well as drugs made from aloe vera. So what about culinary? What is aloe vera deliciously consumed? This article will answer your question. We present some culinary recipes made from this plant. In addition to delicious, aloe vera consumption is also believed to improve our health. Here we present some ways to process aloe vera specifically for you. Please Read also:Discover the benefits of aloe vera .

Processing First

Before aloe vera meat is ready to be processed into various kinds of eat, first you have to mix the meat with some ingredients because of the original taste of aloe vera slightly bitter and smelly. This taste will make your aloe vera preparations less enjoyable. How to process aloe vera so it fits? Here’s the step by step:


First, wash your aloe vera until it is clean. And then separate the skin of aloe vera with its slimy deep meat.

Then wash the aloe vera with clean water and drain to remove the mucus. Next, cut the dice.

Soak the aloe vera in a brine solution for 20 minutes. After enough, rinse again. If it’s not clean, you can repeat this step several times.

After the aloe vera is free of mucus and odor, the meat is then boiled in boiling water for a duration of approximately 15 minutes. Add also two or three pandan leaf nodes to make aloe vera more enjoyable.

Aloe vera meat that has been prepared is ready for your pour into several types of beverages and delicious food. If you love juice, here we present how to process aloe vera into a delicious and fresh juice:


Prepare materials in the form:


  •   Aloe vera meat to taste.
  •   Iced ice to taste.
  •   Lemon juice, 1 teaspoon.
  •   3 tablespoons thick honey.
  • Extra fruit, can be oranges, grapes or fruit with another citrus.


How to make aloe vera juice:


Put pieces of aloe meat into the blender machine along with additional fruit such as grapes. Mix well with other ingredients such as ice cubes, honey, and lemon juice. Turn on the machine and blend all the ingredients until perfectly cooked. Furthermore, juice has become and ready for you to enjoy.


There are still many ways to process other aloe vera. You can customize according to your taste and your hobby so that the benefits of aloe can be obtained optimally. Confectionery made from aloe vera is quite delicious and of course healthy. Good luck at home 😀

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