Top 6 Surprising Facts Concerning Invisalign


Living with misaligned teeth is one of the dental concerns that you may not want to have. With uneven teeth, you often experience underbite or overbite, making it difficult to enjoy your favorite meal. In addition, with misaligned teeth, you will risk biting your tongue more often, even when you are not eating. If you have all those concerns due to improper teeth alignment, you should seek Yonkers Invisalign to straighten your teeth and live a happy life again. Here are crucial facts concerning the invisalign that will surprise you.

Invisalign Offers Personalized Results

Every individual has a different tooth arrangement. With this in mind, your dentist will first examine your teeth using the 3D impression before installing the invisalign. Through this inspection, the dentist gets an accurate measurement of the current situation of your teeth. Consequently, they will use those digital results in designing the invisalign trays and in the provision of the treatment plan.

Unlike Traditional Braces, the Invisalign Has Fewer Appointments

One thing about conventional braces is that you will have to make multiple visits to your dentist for you to get the desired results. This instance can interrupt your normal schedule for your daily activities. Nevertheless, when you opt for the invisalign, you only need an appointment to replace the old tray with the new one after two weeks of wearing them. Such replacement procedures are quick, thus giving ample time to resume your daily schedule.

The Invisalign Inventor Was Never a Dentist

The pioneers of the invisalign technology were two Stanford graduates, one undergoing the traditional dental braces treatment. Their idea was based on the fact that the retainer sequence effectively corrected the improper teeth arrangement for some patients. Consequently, they incorporated 3D printing and CAD displaying, which helped to start their project at least twenty-three years ago.

You Can Remove the Invisalign Tray

Many believe that, like the braces, the invisalign trays are entirely secured in the mouth. However, the reality is that patients with the invisalign can easily remove them when eating and brushing their teeth. You should wear the aligners for around twenty hours each day for their effectiveness.

Invisalign Is a Short Form

It is interesting to note that invisalign usually means “invisible aligners.” These two words are self-explanatory, and they imply that it is the clear plastic material that makes up these straightening devices. Therefore, if you are concerned that they will be notified when you smile, you have nothing to worry about now with that information.

Teeth Whitening Is Possible With Invisalign

Some individuals think that you cannot undergo teeth whitening once you are under the invisalign treatment. However, the reality is that your dentist can easily perform teeth whitening since there is no hassle in taking off the invisalign. Consequently, you get gleaming white teeth while you follow the invisalign treatments.

Are you living with misaligned teeth? Millions of people have an improper arrangement of teeth, which affects their quality of life. If you are one of them, it is time to seek a reliable solution at Yonkers Dental Arts. Here, the team of experienced dentists offers advanced invisalign, which helps to address diverse dental concerns such as underbites. Book an appointment online or call their office today to learn about Invisalign.

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