How To Maintain Your Skin After A Thread Lift Treatment


Though everyone desires younger-looking skin, aging, and hormonal imbalance can cut this dream short. While we can’t escape the effects of aging, it’s possible to reverse the adverse signs resulting from aging signs. Can you imagine how pleasant it can be to have a non-surgical procedure that can help reclaim your gorgeous appearance quickly? For years, kingwood thread lift procedures have offered patients positive outcomes by resolving all age-related imperfections. This painless procedure is safe and effective and can help you reverse signs of aging and enhance your natural beauty.

However, while a thread lift treatment guarantees you positive and appealing results, you, too, have a role to play in maintaining vibrancy. Therefore, here are the top five tips on caring for your skin after a thread lift.

1. Protect your skin

Although the skin aftercare of a thread lift isn’t strict as the traditional facelift, you will need to protect your newly rejuvenated skin. While this should be done under your dermatology guidance, it is recommended that you keep off direct sunlight and use a sunscreen of SPF30+. However, since a thread lift is a safe, non-surgical procedure, you shouldn’t compromise too much.

2.Reschedule or cancel other skin treatments

Skin treatments, especially those that involve extreme heat, like facial laser removal, can wreak havoc on your thread lift results. Therefore, if you have pending skin treatments, you should ask your dermatologist whether to cancel or reschedule them. Such procedures should be avoided for at least ten weeks after a thread lift treatment. Furthermore, to avoid stretching your skin far too much, you should avoid opening your mouth wide, meaning you should also evade dental treatments. However, this requires an approximate duration of 2-3 weeks.

3.Avoid extreme exercises

While you can return to your routine activities after getting a thread lift, extreme exercise isn’t recommended post-procedure. Typically, vigorous exercise can raise your blood pressure, impacting your recovery. Within the first week after your procedure, you should pause your exercise plan, but you can continue with less-intensive activities. Note that you should always seek clarity from your provider on when and how you should exercise after a thread lift.

4.Dodge extreme temperatures

Prolonged heat exposure can cause your blood pressure to rise, affecting your healing process. Also, following your procedure, you should avoid exerting much pressure on your face. You should take a lukewarm bath instead of a hot shower to avoid extreme temperatures. Similarly, avoid tanning beds, steam rooms, dry saunas, and extremely hot foods or beverages for a specific duration set by your provider. Staying hydrated will also keep you cool and maintain healthy blood pressure.

5.Keep off smoking and alcohol consumption

Following your thread lift treatment, you should avoid smoking and alcohol consumption. Typically, alcohol is diuretic, meaning it will cause you to lose a lot of water and nutrients essential for the health of your skin. On the other hand, nicotine constricts your blood vessels, thus stopping relevant nutrients from passing through the bloodstream to your skin.

Besides incorporating these effective ways, you should often check in with your physician to assess your progress. With the help of a board-certified provider, you will achieve your desired results quickly and avoid potential complications. If you’d like to reverse severe aging complications, don’t hesitate to schedule a thread lift appointment sooner.

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