Tips for Choosing Safe and Cheap Expedition Service


Choosing an expedition service needs to be considered properly since we will leave our goods to the shipping company. If there is a wrong choice in the shipping company, there is a risk of theft that is waiting.

Here are tips on choosing a safe but cheap expedition service:

Use Expedition Services at Low Prices

Everyone will surely be tempted by cheap price offers. However, a very low price is mysterious. The company which offers reasonable prices may be a fraud company.

Use Packaging Services for Large Items

we might be be able to handle small packages, but not with the big one. Use logistic services to prevent damage to goods. One of the best companies that can send large items is Rhenus Lupprians. they are expedition services that are good in the field of technical installation and technical logistics.

Pay attention to Timing and Speed.

There are 2 terms of timing and speed that we can measure, first the speed of handling customer requests and the timing when using expedition services. If the company is fast in handling customer requests, then we can trust their service.

Don’t forget to adjust the timings. Do not rush to use the services of the expedition on national holidays and holidays. Usually, at that time, they have too many customers (overload booking) so that the quality of their service will be slightly reduced.

Have a Receipt Number so that Delivery can be Traced

Make sure you have a receipt number feature that can be used to track the shipment of goods directly / real-time.

Pay Attention to the Payload Type

When we send goods only between cities, not oversee shipping, think again whether we need packaging services, insurance, and loading-unloading services.

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