3 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas That Can Reduce Plastic Waste on Earth


Giving eco-friendly gift ideas to people we care about doesn’t always have to be at certain moments, you know.

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Even when giving support, showing love, or as a form of appreciation and recognition, you can still give gifts to the people in your life.

Although giving gifts can be in any form, it seems that at the same time we must also start thinking about the continuation of the earth, right?

The wrong form of gift can end up in the trash without meaning. Not to mention if the package used for the gift turns out to be using materials that cannot be recycled. promotion gift Of course it will pollute the earth even more.

Therefore, it is better if you start thinking about environmentally friendly gift ideas that can be used as alternatives to reduce waste on earth. Let’s take a peek at some inspiration for environmentally friendly gifts that are minimal in waste.

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

1. Stainless Straw Set

straight straws, one bent straw and one brush for cleaning straws.

Without realizing it, the use of single-use plastic straws actually has a fairly large contribution in terms of waste on earth, you know.

Although it is small, in fact plastic is one of the materials that is very difficult to decompose.

In fact, it can take hundreds of years, including straws made of plastic. Just imagine, what would happen if everyone on earth used at least one plastic straw?

If in total, the number will probably reach millions. Well, millions of plastic can only be decomposed for 100 years.

Of course, instead of decreasing, the amount of plastic on earth will even increase until it becomes a mountain.

Therefore, using stainless straws that can be washed and reused is one solution in reducing plastic waste on earth and becomes a simple but meaningful eco-friendly gift idea.

2. Eco-Hampers

Furthermore, there are eco-hampers which can also be used as an environmentally friendly gift idea.

However, because of the many types of eco-hampers that exist, to give the right gift, you should also know about the characteristics and things that are liked by the person you want to give a gift to.

For example, your young woman can give her a beauty box or for men you can give her a shaving kit.

There are also eco-hampers that contain a variety of kitchen spices, toiletries, beauty masks, and cooking utensils.

Currently, there are many shops selling eco-hampers in various types, both offline and online stores.

So in order not to make the wrong choice, it’s good if you also know about the things that are liked by the person you want to give a gift.

3. Bottle Drink

In addition to stainless straws, drinking bottles are also one of the must-have items that can be used as the best solution in fighting plastic waste on earth.

Although the price of drinking bottles is much more expensive than buying a plastic bottle of mineral water for Rp. 2000, drinking bottles that can be used many times actually make the cost much cheaper when compared to plastic mineral water bottles that are only for single use.

Currently, there are many drinking bottles that come with various models and materials, so that they can not only help in reducing plastic bottle waste, coffee shop merchandise but also at the same time support a more stylish and trendy appearance.

The prices also vary, so you can adjust it according to your budget.

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