3 Things You Must Do For Dental Health


As per scientific research, it is a proven fact that oral health has some direct connection mental and physical health. Oral health and hygiene is as important thing as physical hygiene is concerned. Most people face some teeth related problems via intake of excessive sugary products such as chocolates and candies. These products add cavities to the teeth which causes a serious problem in mouth of a person. Other than that gums also create a sensation of pain .But oral health is not limited to the problems of gums and cavities in teeth but it is something more than that.

  • Important elements for tooth health:

Proper consumption of nutrition also counts when it comes to oral health. Malnutrition leads to the deficiency of some important vitamins and minerals which are crucial for tooth health. Deficiency of Calcium and Iron turns the color of teeth to yellow which indicates that the teeth of a person have become weak. In absence of required proper diet for stronger teeth, it causes tooth to decay which requires proper dental treatment. If it is not treated on time then it will add more to the intensity of pain a patient already suffers from. Sometimes it often reach to the point where the patient start losing his teeth.

  • Proper brushing technique:

Most of the people have the habit of brushing their teeth twice a day but they do it as a formality. Though it is very important to brush daily in order to remove all the harmful bacteria and obviously to keep teeth clean, still people need to know the right technique of brushing teeth. According to the technique of brushing the forward motion and backward motion of brush should be kept straight while at front and back it should be done in circular motions like in clockwise and anticlockwise directions. People should use soft bristled as it would not damage their teeth otherwise forceful use of hard bristled brush cause bleeding of gums.

  • Addition of Fluoride:

Prevention of cavities must be the foremost aim of a person if he wants to maintain his oral health. He must use Fluoride for that which is a very crucial element that helps teeth from decay and disease of cavities. It is a basic element which can be proved very helpful in fighting against tooth decay as lack of this element basically causes tooth decay. It is of no use if a person brushes daily with proper technique until he adds fluoride in whole procedure as it makes the teeth strong and removes cavities as well. People should go for the toothpastes which contain fluoride.

  • Ignore Smoking:

Smoking cause a serious problem to teeth as cigarettes contain high amount of nicotine and other elements mixed which are really harmful for health of teeth. It can cause gum disease which seems very difficult to the doctors to be cured easily. Hence the consequences are really harmful as healing of other tissues including gums and teeth take a lot of time and cost. So it is important for patients to quit or ignore smoking in order to ignore such teeth related problems.

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