5 Tips to Manage Computer Vision Syndrome


If your job entails staring at your computer screen for hours, you will likely develop computer vision syndrome (CVS). This condition causes headaches, eye strain, blurred vision, and neck pain. If you do not do anything to manage CVS, these symptoms may worsen, and you could develop other vision-related problems. Luckily, Beverly Hills computer vision can be safeguarded by following some tips. When you see a doctor, they are likely to give you certain tips to avoid contracting CVS. Here are five things they may tell you to do.

Blink as Often as Possible

Computer screens cause us to focus constantly. Since much time is spent doing that, you will end up blinking less. If you do not blink as often as possible, you will get dry eyes. That happens whenever you do not lubricate your eyes through blinking.

In order to remember blinking, you will need to do certain exercises. One good exercise involves closing your eyes and opening them after 2 seconds. While doing this, you should hold the lids tightly. The essence of doing so is to ensure the muscles responsible for closing the eyes are utilized.

Enlarge the Text on Your Computer Screen

Some people unknowingly read fonts that are too small for their eyes. Others read small ones because they do not know how to enlarge them. Regardless of the reason, such users will move closer to their computers. Besides hurting their eyes, they will hurt their necks due to slouching.

If you do not know how to increase the font, visit the settings tab from your computer. Under it, you should spot an area called accessibility, and you can choose how big you want it to be. Remember to click an option called “Apply” to save your changes.

Rest Your Eyes

You should do this for at least 15 minutes after every two hours. There are reasons why some people do not take a break. Some do that to beat the deadline. Others do not rest because they do not want their bosses to think they are slacking off.

Besides the worker taking the initiative to pause for a bit, employers should encourage workers to rest. If you developed CVS, your productivity would be very low.

Use a Screen Glare Filter

A reason you cannot use the computer for so long is the glare it emits. Besides being too bright, it produces reflections that cause you to strain. The screen glare filter, therefore, reduces glare by diffusing light.

An added benefit of the anti-glare screen is the provision of privacy. Due to the absence of glares, people cannot view your computer from the sides.

Assume Proper Posture

In order to adjust your posture, you need to reposition your chair. Ensure you set it in a way that reduces slumping over the computer screen. This tip works best with adjustable chairs.

Since some workers experience CVS symptoms from time to time, they assume it is normal. After all, isn’t it normal to feel some eye strain? However, you do not need to suffer from the pain when you see a specialist. Your doctor will give you some medications when necessary and advise you on how to avoid getting CVS. It can be hard to adjust your lifestyle to prevent the condition, but your doctor will help you make the changes.

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