Everything you need to know about dna testing

DNA testing has become very popular recently and some are even talking about a real trend. This is quite logical, as you see it everywhere. On social media, on TV, the famous people are doing it, it must be good. Right? Well, in this blog you will read all about those dna tests. We will tell you all about it. What DNA is, how it works and when you can use it; everything.

What is DNA?

What is DNA? Is the first question to be answered. Well, DNA is actually a kind of blueprint of your whole body. Your mind, your posture, your features, your hair colour; it is all determined by your DNA. This DNA can be traced back to your father and mother. You have a bit of everything from your father and/or your mother. So DNA is actually a kind of building block of your body, in every possible way. Scientists can read DNA, which consists of a code. They can then see exactly what kind of DNA it is, what it means and how it is expressed. However, your body can read this code like no other, which is why your DNA has such a great influence. Your body follows exactly what the DNA has prescribed. So everyone’s DNA is hereditary material, your parents have given it to you. But the fact that your parents gave it to you also means that if you have children, you give it to them to a certain extent.

What is a DNA test?

A DNA test can be taken in different ways, but this is usually done through a saliva or blood sample. Your DNA is then sent to a lab and analysed. In the case of DNA testing for paternity, it will be compared to the DNA of the presumed father to see if there is a connection. DNA testing is very accurate, so it can be said with a fair amount of certainty that a man is the father or not. There are also options that are legally viable. This means that they may be used in court as evidence of whether or not a person is the father. Home kits are also available, but these cannot be used as evidence. Both options are almost equally accurate and there are almost none false positives or negatives. Therefore it is always good to do a good research regarding this subject.