Reasons Why You Can’t Get a Good Night Sleep


Reasons Why You Can’t Get a Good Night Sleep

If you are having trouble sleeping and it is really ruining your waking hours, one of the list here might be the culprit. Try these tips and you might get better sleep every night.

Too Much Tension

Most people actually suspect but never do anything about excess tension that they are experiencing when they go to sleep. Tension often is a residual feeling that comes from a day that is filled with stress and worry. It can build up throughout the day and never get released. When you are lying down in bed if you pay attention you can actually feel it in your shoulders, neck and even your temples.

You can also get lots of tension in your body if you have a physical job or have participated in sports or sports like activities. This will build up tension in various parts of your body and often make it really difficult to sleep. You should try not to exercise too near the time you sleep.

You should make it a habit to do shoulder rolls and other exercises before you go to bed to help you relieve tension. Another great habit to adopt is to get regular massages. A massage therapist is trained to relieve tension so you can relax and go to sleep. Regular visits with a massage therapist can get you sleeping like a baby.

Spending Too Much Time on Your Devices

Many people make it a habit to spend their last few hours before bed or even while in bed on their smartphones or tablets. The light emitting from these devices is known to cause trouble sleeping. In addition, getting your mind stimulated on videos, compelling pictures or stories is the exact wrong way to relax before bed. You should turn off these devices at least one hour before you go to bed and do not sleep with them near you. Also turn the sound down so your sleep is not interrupted by sounds coming from your devices throughout the night. The news coming through these devices will never cease, so you have to take action to get yourself away from it.

The Room is Not Quiet Enough

When you go to sleep the room you are sleeping in should be as absolutely quiet as possible. You should not allow anyone else in the room to be watching TV or on Youtube, and there should be no extraneous conversations happening within your earshot. Further if you live on a noisy street, invest in some double glazed windows that will keep street noise out. Remember, sometimes it is low sounds that are the culprit, especially if you are a light sleeper. Make it a habit to remove any sound sources that might prevent you from sleeping or interrupt your sleep.

The Room is Not Dark Enough

Not many people realize that a semi-dark room can prevent you from going into a deep sleep. Also if you have a room that fluctuates between light and dark, it can completely throw off your sleep cycle. To be safe, the room you sleep in needs to be completely dark. Invest in some blackout curtains which will make your room the right level of darkness each night. If you are used to sleeping with a light on, try and go a few nights without it and see what happens. The body is trained to rest when it senses complete darkness.

These reasons are common but not often thought of as first options. Try one or all and you may get better sleep.

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