“Stretch to become a conscious and mindful entrepreneur” – The subtle art of Yoga


“Action is a movement with intelligence. The world is filled with movement. What world needs is more conscious movement, more action”

The following epigram lays emphasis on the vitality of not just any movement, but a conscious one. The world has known many arts helping people become more aware, but the mindful practice of yoga is distinctive in its approach.

Achieving greater mental and physical state of mind and body is some of the profound impacts of yoga. However, being an ancient Hindu practice, yoga is increasingly becoming popular amongst the younger generations. Since after the UN officially proclaimed international yoga day, government, organizations, and people are coming forward to adopt the practice on a wider scale. With yoga entering the corporate realm, entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs are increasingly reaching out for it. For people who might be questioning their relatedness, yoga and entrepreneurship share more common features than we actually reckon.

The ability to of processing information, increased levels of creativity and productivity, penetrating deep into awareness and mental stimulation – the unlimited perks of yoga have been leveraged by entrepreneurs to achieve business goals. 

Daniel Loeb, one of the most successful hedge fund managers in history and a regular practitioner of Ashtanga Yoga. He credits yoga for giving him the” ability to quiet the fluctuations and putting the mind at ease, learning to come out of difficult positions and persevering through difficult uncomfortable moments, and making decisions that are consistent with our moral framework.”

The linear business beliefs of vision, mission values and processes have been thrifted upwards, all crediting to the practice of yoga. The anatomy of an entrepreneur as explained in Make The Move – Demystifying Entrepreneurship, by Rajat Khare, has helped us dig deeper as to why should we juxtapose yoga and entrepreneurship. Once you consider the anatomy, you should also know that it is important for an entrepreneur to balance the trinity, while letting it ignite. And, Yoga like a nuclear reactor can help manage the constituents of our entrepreneurial anatomy,” believes Rajat Khare.

Entrepreneurs today, are breaking any constraints, preconceived notions or bars of growth and innovation. While we applaud their unparalleled development, we often overlook the mental strain that comes along as you move up the ladder. Therefore, while you work on your startup venture, the practice of yoga helps work on the startup of you. It is rational to say that yoga has helped entrepreneurs embrace better businesses through developing their intrinsic skills.

The highlight the holistic benefits of yoga, Sahaj Nalgirkar, Founder, GetSetGig says “There are enormous benefits of doing meditation, you develop as a person, your creativity is sharpened, your senses get stronger and your decisions are more effective, all because you stay in the right mindset all the time. With these set of qualities you develop, I am sure you would foresee a problem and make right decisions to solve it before it arises. That makes you a complete entrepreneur.”

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