Things to Remember About The Forever Bare BBL For Hair Reduction


Unwanted or excess hair on any part of your body can negatively affect how you interact, what you do, what you wear, and how you interact socially. Thus, reducing unwanted or excess hair can help improve your self-confidence and appearance and promote better hygiene. One of the professional treatments your expert aesthetician may recommend for hair reduction Brighton is Forever Bare BBL (BroadBand Light). Unlike shaving, plucking, or use of creams, the Forever Bare BBL (BroadBand Light) offers a long-term solution for hair removal and no risk of ingrown hairs, scratches, razor bumps, and cuts from shaving.

Subsequently, below are a few things you may need to remember about Forever Bare BBL treatment for reducing hair from almost any part of your body, including the back, bikini area, legs, arms, upper lips, cheeks, neck, and chin.

How the Forever Bare BBL treatment works

The treatment targets and incinerates hair follicles without causing harm to the adjacent skin, leading to the reduction or elimination of unwanted or excess hair.

Before starting treatment, your hair reduction specialist will apply a gel to the skin area with unwanted hair. Then, the aesthetician uses the Forever Bare BBL device to direct pulses of light energy on a particular skin area.

Exposing your hair follicles to intense and controlled light energy burns and damages them since your hair has a pigment called melanin that absorbs light. As a result, the hair follicles stop working, gradually reducing hair at the treatment site.

During the Forever Bare BBL procedure, you will experience minimal or no discomfort or pain because of incorporating a cooling technology. Just expect the treatment site to feel warm and stinging.

The effectiveness of Forever Bare BBL treatment

The Forever Bare BBL treatment is much more effective than other short-term hair reduction options like shaving since it targets your hair during its active growth phase.

During the active growth phase, also called the anagen phase, there is rapid hair growth, and the hair contains abundant melanin that encourages maximum light absorption.

Ensure your aesthetics professional has the training, qualifications, and experience to perform the Forever Bare BBL treatment. Also, consider that you may be a bad candidate for Forever Bare BBL treatment if you have grey hair.

Grey hairs have minimal melanin pigmentation, thus not excellent in light energy absorption, and are less likely to be destroyed by heat exposure. On the other hand, white hair has no melanin.

The number of treatment sessions you will require

You may need around three or six Forever Bare BBL treatment sessions to benefit from a significant reduction in hair in the treatment area. A treatment session will last about 20 minutes to one hour. Your aesthetician will require that you return for the procedure after about four or six weeks.

One of the reasons you may need a couple of treatment sessions for hair reduction is that hair follicles often grow at different rates.

During recovery from Forever Bare BBL treatment, the treatment area may become red and inflamed, which disappears within a few days. Ensure you protect the treated site from sun exposure and damage.

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