What is SEO and its Benefits?

SEO is an optimization practice to increase website visibility and occupy a high position in search engines. One of the benefits of SEO is that it is useful for providing quality traffic with a higher amount organically, aka free.

  • Quality of Traffic: A company’s website may have a high number of visitors. The question is, are all visitors relevant? With SEO, websites can attract visitors who are more relevant and in accordance with the target market. For example, a beauty website will attract visitors who are interested in beauty, not visitors who want to look for the latest gadget reviews.
  • Traffic Quantity: In addition to the right visitors, SEO can also help increase the number of visitors to a website.
  • Organic Results: Organic means visitors who click on the website not because of ads, thus generating organic traffic that is not paid for.

How Does SEO Work?

After a user types in a keyword in a search engine, such as Google or Yahoo!, a list of websites and pages that match your search will appear. These results are influenced by several things in the search engine algorithm. Well, seo agency hk will be useful to make your website meet the criteria of the search engine algorithm so that the website can appear in the results, and even occupy the top search rankings.

What are the Tips for Creating SEO-friendly Website Content?

What’s a website without content. Without the right content, the website will not be able to rank in search engines. Therefore, all content posted on the website should be optimized to meet the search engine algorithms. How to? Check out the following tips!

Do Keyword Research

Make a list of some relevant keywords that can help bring up your website pages in search engines. There are three basic steps that need to be done. First is to write the mission of your business, then make a list of keywords that you want to link to the website page. Finally, create a website page for the specified keywords.

Keyword research is needed so that companies know what keywords are used by the audience on search engines. Make sure you optimize the keywords used by the audience so that website content can be detected properly in search engines.

The keyword in question does not have to be one word, but can consist of 2 or more words. Usually, the longer and more specific the keywords you use, the easier it will be for your website to rank high!

Website Structure

A well-structured website will make it easier for Google to “understand” website content well and rank higher. In addition, make sure the website also has internal links to facilitate navigation and clarify the website structure.


Content is one of the keys that can determine the position of a website in search engines. Articles published on blogs or websites must be original. You can create articles based on topics from the results of keyword research that has been done. In addition, make sure that the published content is of high quality and easy to read by all people, especially considering that not everyone has competence in the same field. Pay attention to the structure of the writing and the delivery of the message so that the writing is easier to digest.