When You May Consider Ozone Therapy


More people are turning to holistic and regenerative medicine as they endeavor to lead healthier lives. Promoting overall wellness rather than targeting or treating symptoms offers many health benefits that continue to increase the popularity of regenerative and holistic medicine. Ozone therapy Salt Lake City is a treatment method that uses ozone gas which consists of three oxygen atoms. Ozone gas protects us from UV exposure, and when administered into your body, it offers many health benefits. When in contact with your body fluids, ozone results in more red blood cells and protein formation, increasing oxygen supply. Among the situation you could find ozone therapy useful includes:

Diabetes management

Among the main concerns in diabetes management is minimizing complications. Diabetes complications are mainly a result of oxidative stress. Ozone therapy helps reduce oxidative stress by activating your immune and antioxidant system. This reduces inflammation, helping minimize complications chances and lead a healthier life despite diabetes challenges. If you already have complications like diabetic foot ulcers, ozone therapy can help close the wound, minimize infection risks, and facilitate faster healing. This is a significant contribution considering how long diabetic ulcers can take to heal, exposing you to more health threats.

Manage immune disorders

Immune disorders or weakened or suppressed system, such as due to viral concerns like HIV, leaves you vulnerable to attacks. When your immune system can’t keep infections away or fight diseases, you are at high risk of falling ill more often and battling severe symptoms. For example, you could quickly develop complications when you get a common cold, possibly resulting in hospitalization. Ozone therapy helps stimulate your immune system, enabling it to function better in preventing and fighting infections. If you are dealing with a viral infection like HIV, ozone therapy can help lower the viral load, improving your overall health.

Deal with respiratory concerns

Breathing difficulties such as due to COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) puts extra stress on your lungs. They have to overwork to supply the needed oxygen to the blood, a stress that exposes you to more health concerns. Ozone therapy can lower the stress on your lungs since it increases oxygen levels in the blood. Besides the lungs, the increased oxygen levels mean other organs will be better replenished. This translates to improved mental clarity, immune function, vision, wound healing, heart and respiration, and reduced stress levels.

Chronic pain management

Pain is usually a result of inflammation. Pain becomes the order of the day when dealing with chronic inflammation and oxidative stress. Chronic pain is among the leading causes of disability and depression, which can be incapacitating. Ozone therapy helps reduce inflammation and oxidative stress and boost your immune system. Inducing your body’s anti-inflammatory response results in pain relief, which improves as oxidative stress reduces and your immune system functions better.

Ozone therapy has been used in various medical areas, including disinfecting medical tools. Its capability to inactivate viruses, fungi, bacteria, protozoa, and yeast makes it a beneficial addition to your regenerative medicine regimen. Contact Integrative Medica today for more or to schedule your ozone therapy appointment.

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