Will CBD Make Me Hungry?


This is one of the frequently asked questions when it comes to CBD. A majority of people know that cannabis usage can affect your appetite, with the phenomenon popularly known as “the munchies”, but fewer people understand why this effect actually occurs.

Since there is a lack of adequate understanding regarding Cannabidiol [CBD] and since it’s a compound found in cannabis plant, many people have assumed that it also increases one’s appetite when consumed.

However, the extensive research that has been carried out on the cannabis plant has made us understand more the effects of cannabis and why it can increase your appetite.

  • Cannabis and hunger

Cannabis generally increases the appetite, and scientific analysis has helped to explain the differences between THC and CBD and why they have countering effects on appetite.

  • Does CBD make you hungry?

THC can cause an increase in appetite, but does CBD make you hungry? Well, research has given us a better understanding as to why CBD is unlikely to cause the same increase in hunger as THC. When cannabis is consumed, the compound Cannabidiol [CBD] does not bind directly to the CB1 receptor in the same way that THC does so it will not increase the users’ appetite.

Research shows that CBD acts as an antagonist of the CB1 receptor. So it can actually help to reduce the THC’s appetite stimulating effects. Research has also shown that high CBD strains of cannabis do not produce the same appetite increasing effect as THC strains do. 

In fact, the same study revealed that one of the main side effects of CBD is reduced appetite. CBD has many therapeutic benefits, and it doesn’t cause any high or psychotropic effect, and despite its association with cannabis, CBD does not directly increase your appetite or cause “the Muncie effect”. 

The misconception about CBD increasing the appetite may be because of its ability to help with a number of ailments hence people believe that it can also have the effect of increasing appetite in people who are suffering from health conditions. When you take CBD and experience an improvement in your system, you are likely to see an increase in your appetite.

CBD’s opposite effect on the CB1 receptor means that CBD does not increase appetite. However, CBD may help to reduce symptoms to particular conditions or ailments. This could also potentially help to improve your appetite.

So the next time somebody asks you, “Does CBD make you hungry?” you can give them scientific facts regarding CBD to answer their questions.

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