4 Signs That Your Loved One Needs Dementia Elderly Care Colorado Springs CO

Some people age without any real change in their mental faculties. Others begin to exhibit signs that they their memories are no longer what they were in the past. It could be that your loved one is experiencing the latter and stands in need of dementia elderly care Colorado Springs CO in order to enjoy the best quality of life possible. If any of the following signs are present, now is the time to seek medical advice.


Signs of Cognitive Decline

While it’s normal for everyone to experience a moment or two of forgetting something, dementia goes beyond that. There may be an episode now and then when your loved one forgets where he or she is at. It could come with a momentary loss of identity. That may also include recognizing a loved one for a moment, then forgetting who the person is in the next moment.

Disorientation can happen any time of day, but it may seem to come more often as night approaches. There is some evidence that people with memory loss tend to experience more episodes when they are tired.


Changes in Behavior

There’s a good chance that your loved one senses something is wrong. That may manifest is a change in behavior that’s directly related to the frustration and fear that comes with the momentary loss. For example, a usually calm loved one may become excitable and lash out during an episode, simply because the surroundings or the people nearby are suddenly not recognized.

In general, the loved one may seem more irritable, restless, and have a tendency to walk around aimlessly. It’s only when the episode passes and the fear fades that it’s possible for the loved one to be more like you’ve always known him or her to be.


Withdrawing From Social Activities

The sense that something of self is slipping away often motivates people to withdraw from activities that they used to enjoy. This is different from withdrawing because those activities are now more physically demanding than the person can manage. In the latter case, new activities are often found to fill in the gap. With dementia, there is no effort to replace old activities with new ones.

There’s a good chance that dementia elderly care Colorado Springs CO is needed when your loved one has no interest in seeing friends, or even communicating via a phone call or social media. It could be due to fear of having an episode while engaging others. Help from a care giver can aid in preventing the isolation that would become the new normal otherwise.


Changes in Hygiene

One of the early signs is that your loved one’s hygiene habits change. Someone who formerly used to enjoy a shower and getting ready at the beginning of the day begins to skip all that. The day may be spent in pajamas instead of getting dressed. Teeth aren’t always brushed, and hair isn’t always combed. For men, shaving may become something that only happens once in a while.

If you notice that your loved one, who once took great pride in grooming and appearance, no longer seems to pay any attention to such things, it’s time to have a word with a doctor. There is a chance that some form of memory care is needed.

Assuming that tests confirm there are signs of dementia or memory loss, talk with an agency that has professional care givers who can help. Doing so will aid your loved one in being able to navigate this new phase in life, and also provide the assurance to you that your loved one will be kept safe.