5 Benefits of Dental Implants


Dental implants are an artificial replacement for your missing teeth. They provide the root that your specialist will use to place your dental crowns to have a complete tooth that is fully functional. You can have dental implants Falls Church if you have missing teeth due to infection or an injury following a traumatic event like a car accident.

What does the process entail?

During the consultation, your dentist might perform a dental exam to check your jawbone and gums and ascertain your suitability for the procedure. The first step will be to attach the implant’s root to your jawbone and let it bond. The bonding can take several months, but your dentist can monitor your progress.

Once the bonding is complete, you will return to your specialist’s office and have your specialist measure your crown. When the crown is ready, your dentist will attach it, and you can use your new tooth to chew and speak like before.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Other than resuming functions like chewing and speaking well, dental implants have different functions that can improve your oral health. Such benefits include:

1.      Dental implants can prevent gum disease

A gap in your teeth provides the best area for trapping food remains. Some food particles might remain in the opening when you eat or drink, and even after a rinse, they might not dislodge. If not properly cleaned, the gap might lead to the growth of bacteria and, ultimately, the development of gum disease.

2.      Dental implants are long-lasting

Typically made from titanium, dental implants can last a lifetime, especially compared to other dental devices like bridges. The material is compatible with body tissues, and therefore, they do not run the risk of rejection. Just like a normal tooth, you must take good care of your dental implants to last a long time.

3.      Healthy jawbone preservation

Dental implants prevent jawbone loss. Just like a muscle, your jawbone will lose its strength due to lack of use. It might undergo bone wasting when it lacks stimulation and exercise or activity. Dental implants will help you maintain healthy bones due to continued use and function.

4.      Prevents premature aging and facial sagging

Teeth ensure that your jawbone, gums, and skin stays in ideal positions. However, if you have missing teeth, your facial skin might start to sag because no structure keeps it in place. It might droop down to rest on any nearby facial structure causing premature wrinkles.

5.      They prevent a poor bite

Dental implants can prevent a poor bite because they will leave no gaps in your jawbone. If you have missing teeth and don’t replace them, the neighboring teeth might shift toward the space. Once the teeth move, they might appear crooked and affect your bite. Later, installing dental implants might be difficult due to the teeth shifting.

If you are due for dental implants due to missing teeth, visit Gentle Touch Dental P.C. for treatment. You will meet qualified and experienced specialists ready to offer you a customized treatment plan. Call or book an appointment online and improve your oral health.

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