5 Ways You Can Care for Your Dentures


Your smile, natural teeth, or dentures are the most critical parts of your appearance. Taking your dentures for granted can be easy, but neglecting them can lead to problems. That is why it is important to care for them and retain their pearly brightness to avoid other oral health issues. This requires regular cleanings and visits to your dentist. If you want to learn how to care for your Bellevue dentures, consult your dentist to get the best maintenance tips. This article will explore seven ways to make your dentures last longer while maintaining their brightness.

Protect Your Dentures from Direct Sunlight

It is important to keep your dentures out of the sun. If you leave them in direct sunlight, they may start to fade and lose color. You should also avoid storing them in a hot car, bathroom, or kitchen. These places can get very warm and cause damage to the acrylic resin used in dental prosthetics. If you are traveling particularly on air, use a protective case for your dentures to protect them from too much exposure during travel time.

Brush Your Dentures with a Soft-bristled Brush

You can also brush your dentures with a soft-bristled brush. The bristles should be small to avoid damaging your denture’s metal or porcelain construction. Also, brush both the inner and outer surfaces of your dentures. Brush each groove along the edges of your teeth and any other areas where food particles might accumulate after a meal or drink. 

Avoid Using Harsh Cleaning Agents

Avoid using harsh cleaning agents when cleaning your dentures. Your dentures are delicate pieces of plastic and aluminum, which can damage using abrasive products such as bleach, acetone, or other harsh chemicals. Using these abrasive products may damage the denture’s surface material and make it less effective at preventing decay. Also, avoid using toothpaste or mouthwash containing alcohol. These products are too harsh for your gums and teeth and can irritate them.

Soak Your Dentures Overnight

Soaking your dentures overnight will help remove plaque that mostly causes oral disease. Plaque is a harmful substance that forms and sticks on your teeth and gums or underneath them. It causes tartar to build up on your teeth, leading to tooth decay and gum disease. 

Soaking your dentures overnight also helps keep them clean by removing any food particles left behind after eating or drinking. If you do not have time for an overnight soak every day, try soaking them in warm water at least once a week for 20 minutes.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly for Cleaning and Check-ups

Check your dentures regularly and clean them with a soft cloth or cotton ball. You can do this at home rather than going to the dentist every time you need your dentures cleaned. If you have trouble cleaning them, ask your dentist for tips on how to do them efficiently. 

Dentures can last between three months and two years, depending on their quality and how often you use them. After that period, replacing them with new ones can help prevent them from being damaged by bacteria in your mouth.

Taking care of your dentures is crucial for your oral health. Proper denture care can help eliminate oral health issues such as tooth loss, gum disease, and bad breath. If you need more tips on maintaining them, consult your dentist for more information. They will guide you through the best oral healthcare techniques to make your dentures last longer.

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