6 Ways You Can Benefit from Primary Care


Primary care caters to various health issues and techniques, including early disease detection and treatment. You can benefit from primary care South Charleston whether you have a scheduled regular checkup or you need management for a chronic condition. The treatment plan caters to adults of all ages.

You might need a primary care provider if you need constant observation, especially if you are at risk of a certain condition. If, after screening, your primary healthcare provider detects the disease or infection, they might refer you to a specialist if they don’t offer the services.

What can primary care address?

  • Sudden sickness
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Preventive vaccinations
  • Health education

The 6 benefits of primary care

The following are common areas that primary care covers.

1.      Annual wellness exams

Your specialist can recommend annual wellness exams for regular checkups. They might evaluate your medical history and progress and check your vital signs. Your vital signs include blood pressure, oxygen level, pulse rate, weight, and BMI. Your healthcare provider checks whether your overall health is good and provides adjustments if need be.

2.      Medication management

Medication management involves checking all the medications you use and how they interact. Your response to medicines is important as your physician can ascertain whether the drugs work. Your primary care physician ensures that you take the right medication for your condition, that it is in the correct dosage, and that you take it on time.

3.  Health screenings 

If you are at risk of certain diseases because of family history or hereditary factors, your specialist can recommend regular health screenings to detect an infection early. Through tests, your doctor can offer suitable treatment if you have the disease. Keep in mind that you can have a condition without showing any symptoms.

4.      Sick visits

If you are not feeling well or have a medical emergency, you need a doctor familiar with your condition. Whether it is a complication of your disease or it is a completely different sickness, your primary care physician will be at the advantage of providing better care than a new doctor.

5.      Sports medicine issues

Primary care includes the treatment of sports injuries like knee or shoulder injuries. If you are physically active or an athlete, you might have experienced a sports injury at one time or another. Your healthcare provider can evaluate your condition and offer suitable treatment, including rest, medications, and surgery for severe cases or injuries.

6.       Family planning

Family planning and fertility issues and management require a physician who is conversant with your situation. Your primary care provider can provide family planning methods from which you can choose one. They will discuss details of the techniques and their side effects so you can make an informed choice.

If you feel unwell or are due for an annual wellness exam, visit Patel & Patel, M.D., Inc. for treatment. You will meet a qualified and experienced team that can offer customized treatment depending on your condition and symptoms. Call or book an appointment online to improve and maintain your overall health.

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