The Benefits of Root Canal Treatment Explained


If you have ever had to endure toothache for a night, you know too well how excruciatingly painful it is. Fortunately, Apple Dental offers a full array of dental services, including endodontics Monroe to help you and your family maintain healthy teeth. There are various clinical reasons why you may need a root canal, but there are also numerous practical reasons why it is best to save your natural teeth. Besides helping you eat the foods you love, endodontic treatment helps you maintain your natural smile and limits the need for ongoing dental work. Below are other benefits of having a root canal.

Prevents infection of nearby teeth

An infection in the pulp is the primary cause of tooth decay. It is often a result of the accumulation of bacteria in the pulp. When left untreated, bacteria in the infected pulp multiply and may easily spread to adjacent teeth. For this reason, a root canal is vital to remove the infected pulp that harbors bacteria. Besides the growth and spread of bacteria, leaving an infected tooth in the mouth for a long time reduces the success chances of root canal treatment; this is usually because the infection within your tooth has become established.

Preserves your natural teeth

There are various ways of dealing with a decayed tooth or one with a cavity, including extraction. Some patients prefer tooth extraction because it offers a permanent solution for dealing with cavities and preventing future toothaches. On the downside, tooth extraction leaves gaps between your teeth, a potential cause for future problems. For example, with a gap, your teeth’ arrangement may shift over time. But a root canal aims to preserve your natural teeth, meaning you don’t have to worry about losing your teeth.

It is a pain-free procedure.

Root canal treatment is a painless procedure that leaves you with less discomfort during recovery than a tooth extraction. Thanks to anesthesia and modern techniques, patients who undergo root canal treatment are more likely to describe the procedure as painless than those who’ve had their teeth extracted. During a root canal, endodontists use the recommended equipment to remove the infected pulp, and clean and disinfect the area.

Prevents bone loss

Root canal treatment aims to treat decay while preserving your natural teeth. As such, it leaves the affected teeth in place, leaving no gaps in your mouth. But with tooth extraction, the jawbone easily degenerates over time due to lack of natural stimulation.

Improves your oral and overall health

Chronic toothaches and tooth decay are common dental problems that cause pain and, in severe cases, tooth loss. But root canal treatment is a remedy for these problems and prevents extreme procedures like tooth extraction. Apart from improving and maintaining good oral health, a root canal boosts your overall health by preventing health issues associated with poor oral health, including respiratory infections, heart disease, gastrointestinal infections, and diabetes.

Better teeth aesthetics

Root canal treatment involves the removal of the infected pulp, cleaning the canals, and filling up the cavity with polymer material. Sometimes endodontists fit the treated tooth with a crown to restore the visual appeal of the teeth. Crowns restore not only the tooth function but also the aesthetic value of teeth.

If you need a root canal or any other endodontic treatment, visit your specialist at Apple Dental.

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