Best practice for healthy teeth and gums 


Teeth play a vital role in your everyday life. They make the digestion easier by chewing the food, they help to speak fluently and maintain the proper shape of your face. A bright and a good looking smile simply reflects your overall health. What are the best ways to take care of teeth?

Brush your teeth twice a day

This may sound like an obvious sentence, but many people still neglects to brush their teeth twice a day. Such a routine prevents many problems, as plaque and many germs tend to accumulate throughout the day. It is really important to brush the teeth for at least 2 minutes, both in the morning and in the evening, before going to bed. Try to hold the toothbrush in the position of 45 degrees over gum line and do not forget to clean your tongue to make it free from bacteria.

Visit a dental professional

Proper care of dental health includes regular visits to a dentist every 6 months. It is crucial in order to maintain your oral cavity in good condition. Try Indexmedica in Poland, a professional tannklinik krakow that offers teeth whitening, implants, bridges and crowns, as well as advanced 3D CT scans, extractions, gum treatment and sinus lifts. Certified staff with over 15 years of experience will take a good care of each patient, creating comfortable conditions for every type of service.

Follow healthy diet

There are numerous advices for a perfect and healthy smile. Avoiding sugar, alcohol and cigarettes is just one of them. Teeth require plenty of calcium, so you need to consider a diary-rich diet that includes milk, yogurts, cheese and other products with calcium.

Dental experts also recommend avoiding tea, coffee and sodas because they can act hazardous because of ingredients that can cause discolouration. What is more, sodas and beverages with sugar can weaken your teeth and result in serious dental problems. Include some crunchy fruits and vegetables into your diet in order to make the gums stronger and get the jaws working.


It is said that regular brushing helps to get rid of only about 60 per cent of the bacteria. As you may see, flossing should be as important as brushing. Many people avoid that because it consumes a lot of precious time, but regular flossing effectively removes food particles and substances that cannot be brushed with a toothbrush.

Use mouthwash and chew sugar-free gums

If you want to boost your dental routine, consider mouthwash with a good antibacterial mouth rinse. It reduces the amount of acids, re-mineralizes the teeth and cleans the areas that are hard to brush. Regular mouthwash will prevent the tooth decay and gum problems. Additionally, chew the gum between the meals. It helps to produce saliva in your mouth that acts like a natural defender for your teeth and also neutralizes the acids.

Do not forget to drink water after every meal and during the day – it is said to be the best beverage not only for your oral cavity, but also for your overall health. Check us on

Regular oral hygiene is the key to a healthy smile. Take the right steps every day and prevent problems that may cost you a lot.

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