How to Take Care the Eyelashes So That is Not Easy to Fall Out


Eyelash curler, mascara, fake eyelash, eyelash extension, to eyelash lift. There are various ways to beautify the eye area that focuses on the eyelash. However, have you taken it easy yourself to focus on your lashes’ health? Many ways to beautify the lashes often disrupt their health. Well, don’t let your lashes health be neglected and fall out later. So, please take care of your lashes and using eyelash extensions Bondi.

Here’s how to take care of the eyelashes in the following step!

Clean Up the Eye Makeup with Eye Makeup Remover

One of the most difficult makeup parts to cleaned up is on the eyes. Not only waterproof mascara, but the eyeliner is also outlined tightening (tightening), and the eyeshadow with a glitter-absorbing particle can make the cleanup process to be more complicated. Well, to be able to lift eyes makeup perfectly until it clear, you need to use an eye makeup remover that is specialized for makeup in the eye areas. If you only use an ordinary makeup remover, that eye makeup will be hard to lift, so you tend to rub the cotton harder to remove makeup that can cause irritation or a fall out eyelashes. Don’t forget to make sure that the makeup is lifted from the eye area and nothing is left, ok!

Clean Up The Eyelashes Curler Periodically

Do you often find a fall out eyelashes when you curl the eyelashes? Maybe it’s time to clean up your eyelashes curlers. After many times of used, dust, dirt, oil, and makeup can stick to the eyelashes curlers. If it is not cleaned up periodically, dust, dirt, oil, and makeup will accumulate and become a nest of bacteria. Finally, when you pinch the eyelashes, the dirt will stick to yours. Come on, start cleansing the eyelashes curlers regularly!

Pay Attention of Using Fake Eyelashes

For all of you who often use fake eyelashes, you need to be careful. In its installation, eyelashes are needed adhesive. because it is adhesive, of course, it’s sticky, right? For this reason, you need to be careful when releasing the fake eyelashes so that the adhesive does not ‘pull’ your original until it falls. To get rid of eyelashes and doesn’t interfere of your eye’s health, you can use the cleansing oil or coconut oil as a helper. Just rub the oil in a line in your soft tissue and then massage it gently. Guaranteed the process of releasing fake eyelashes will be easier.

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