Improve Skin Complexion, Make it Radiant Using Retinol Cream


Dermatologists prefer telling people that they should use a safe and toxin-free retinol cream to reduce the onslaught of signs of aging. This makes sense, given that no one likes seeing wrinkles, pimples, fine lines, and smile lines on their skin. Retinol helps you bridge the gap between the rise of aging effects and the nourishment that you would need to reverse them. 

It is a naturally occurring form of Vitamin A that contains some age-defying enzymes. The latter increases collagen production and helps you have a blemish-free appearance. So, let’s dig deeper and understand why retinol-rich face creams are a one-of-a-kind solution for most skin woes. 

What is Retinol?

Retinol is a specialized form of vitamin A. It is soluble in water and fats alike and can thus penetrate the deepest layers of the skin to remove signs of deficiency. It also promotes cell turnover, boosts collagen production, and encourages skin elasticity. This vitamin derivative can also help fade wrinkles, age spots, dark spots, and rough textures.

How to get the most out of retinol cream?

Retinol offers multiple skincare benefits and is thus often considered a go-to ingredient among dermatologists. To help understand the benefits of retinol cream for your skin, we should first understand how to make it work better.

Retinol works best if you know how to use it well. Taken in excess, it may leave the skin dried and dehydrated. This is why dermatologists advise starting with low concentration retinol (0.25{2d8c17bafba5507d608fc07a6c2b8e5320905e8b2368c36333b09f6ba4193dc7} to 0.3{2d8c17bafba5507d608fc07a6c2b8e5320905e8b2368c36333b09f6ba4193dc7}) and seeing how it blends with your skin. 

Here’s how you can reap maximum benefits from retinol enriched face cream. 

Step 1: If you have acne on your skin, you should wash your face with a face wash for pimples and pat it dry. 

Step 2: Wait for a couple of minutes to let your skin completely dry. If it is applied to wet skin, it might cause irritation. 

Step 3: Take a pea-size of retinol cream in your hand and massage gently in upward and outward directions. 

Step 4: Finish with a broad spectrum sunscreen the next morning.

Tip: It is good to apply moisturizers and serums to damp skin, but not in the case of retinol. 

Benefits of Retinol 

Retinol is a highly effective antioxidant used in various skin care products, particularly those dedicated to anti-aging. In addition, the regular use of retinol can help deal with various skin woes, including:

  1. It can ward off acne

Do you have oily and acne-prone skin? If so, trying retinol would be the right solution for you. It goes deeper into the skin, unclogs the pores, clears skin, and prevents future acne. This vitamin A-derivative can enhance the effect of other skincare products and help you get better results from your current skincare regimen. 

Tip: Cleanse your face with a face wash for pimples, and then apply retinol enriched cream at night.

  1. It reverses signs of aging

Retinol is the most well-researched skin-friendly ingredient in the beauty industry. It was originally known for acne treatment only, but recent research has shown that it also has considerable effects on the signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, acne scars, etc. 

  1. It evens out the skin tone

Retinol also helps increase skin cell turnover rate. Your skin naturally sheds dead skin cells every 28-40 days. This derivative makes it brighter, even-toned, and more elastic (due to increased collagen levels and elastin). Thus, even problem-free skin can have radiating effects due to retinol infusion. 

  1. It reverses signs of sun damage and reduces hyperpigmentation

Besides pollution and smoking on the skin, prolonged and extensive exposure to the sun’s rays can also affect your skin cells. This can potentially result in a loss of elasticity in the skin’s epidermis layer, leaving your skin tanned and uneven. But with regular usage of a retinol cream on your skin, such signs can be reversed or prevented. 

How Often Should You Apply Retinol Enriched Cream?

Dermatologists recommend applying a dime-sized amount of cream on your face at night. Remember that it takes time for your skin to adapt to the product, so the best is to use it in a limited amount at first and gradually increase as your skin becomes comfortable. Skin experts recommend holding back to once or twice per week if it feels irritating.

Note: You should skip using retinol cream or retinol-infused skincare product the night before you wish to exfoliate your skin. This is because exfoliation removes dead layers from the skin and makes your skin sensitive. 

Choosing Retinol Cream for Ageless Skin

Retinol can be a host of benefits for the skin if used well with other products in skincare. That being said, there are harsh chemicals and toxins in many products irritating skin and causing redness. So, we did a lot of research, and here is the outcome of our lowdown:

Mamaearth’s Retinol Cream for Women with Retinol and Bakuchi for Anti Aging, Fine Lines, and Wrinkles

  • Retinol: This ingredient is highly potent in improving skin texture and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It also brightens dull skin and makes it more radiant. 
  • Bakuchi Oil: Bakuchi is a natural form of Retinoid which helps with pigmentation and discoloration. It comprises antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties for skin improvement. 
  • Rapeseed Oil: This source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids deeply nourishes the skin and boosts hydration. It also creates a barrier on the skin cells, thus helping them stay moisturized throughout the day.

Mamaearth’s products are made from natural, safe, gentle, and toxin-free ingredients that do not irritate the skin. It is Asia’s first brand to be certified with Made Safe Certification and marked cruelty-free. Plus, with every purchase you make, this brand plants a tree for every order successfully delivered- it has already planted over 300000 trees so far!

Note: Its products are certified by Made Safe, PETA, and FDA.

Wrapping it

As with any product, the key is to be consistent in your skincare regimen for visible results on the skin. Retinol cream does not show miraculous results instantly, and thus, you need to wait for a little. Given the host of benefits, it is a dermatologist’s foremost choice for ageless skin. With regular usage, you will notice fine lines and wrinkles going past, improving your skin tone. 

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