Malegra 100: It’s time for long lasting sessions

Malegra 100 is a medication meant to treat erectile dysfunctionalities or as we refer to in layman’s term- impotence. Impotence have been a brewing problem amongst the male conglomerate leading to various unsatisfactory experiences and emotional upheavals. Erectile dysfunctionalities have been ruining various couple’s sex life. ED (erectile dysfunction) is a problem where the male counterpart is unable to keep his penis erected (ability to keep the penis firm) which is inadequate for the intercourse. The pleasure of sexual satisfaction is not met. 

What is erectile dysfunction?

The persistent inability to achieve or maintain an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse is termed as erectile dysfunction. It causes a man’s inability to penetrate or be able to penetrate subside taking a toll on his sexual life. 

How prevalent is this condition?

Approximately 1 in 5 American men older than or equal to age 20 years’ experience erectile dysfunction in their lifetime.

More than half of the men over 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction. Approximately 40{2d8c17bafba5507d608fc07a6c2b8e5320905e8b2368c36333b09f6ba4193dc7} of the population aged 40 years or above find themselves suffering from erectile abnormalities. It affects approximately 40 million men.

What is the process of erection?

When arousal happens or sexual stimulation is experienced, the nerves surrounding the penis becomes active. The muscle around the arteries then relaxes and more blood flows into the penis. The additional blood makes the penis stiff and hard, or erected. This erection tightens the veins in the penis so the blood can’t leave the penis or flow out of it for a while, enabling the penis to stay erected for the time being.

Causes and comorbidities associated with erectile dysfunction

The major causes of erectile dysfunction are primarily vascular issues, diabetes and any prevailing medication. It can also be caused as a result of or a precursor to prostate cancer treatment, diabetes or any heart related disease. The major cause remains the vascular problems which occupies about 40{2d8c17bafba5507d608fc07a6c2b8e5320905e8b2368c36333b09f6ba4193dc7} of the whole probability. 

30{2d8c17bafba5507d608fc07a6c2b8e5320905e8b2368c36333b09f6ba4193dc7} can be dedicated to diabetes patient with medication, 15{2d8c17bafba5507d608fc07a6c2b8e5320905e8b2368c36333b09f6ba4193dc7} to the people on some form of medication (related or not related to erectile dysfunction). Pelvic surgery or any form of trauma has also been one of the reasons for causing the dysfunction amounting to 6{2d8c17bafba5507d608fc07a6c2b8e5320905e8b2368c36333b09f6ba4193dc7} of the probability. The least chances are accorded to neurological issues with a minimum of 5{2d8c17bafba5507d608fc07a6c2b8e5320905e8b2368c36333b09f6ba4193dc7}, but they cannot be taken lightly either. Endocrine problems or hormones related issues forms a staggering 3{2d8c17bafba5507d608fc07a6c2b8e5320905e8b2368c36333b09f6ba4193dc7} amongst the other reasons. Various other miscellaneous reasons in the remaining 1{2d8c17bafba5507d608fc07a6c2b8e5320905e8b2368c36333b09f6ba4193dc7} bracket maybe accorded to accidents, injuries etc.

According to the 2012 census, 15.5 million men in the US have diabetes, and ED (erectile dysfunction) occurs 10-15 years earlier in men with diabetes. ED is less responsive to oral treatments than in patients without diabetes and ED. Diabetic men have more sever ED and poor life quality then other men. 1 in 2 men with diabetes have sexual troubles caused by their disease. In some patients ED can be presenting the symptom of diabetes.

How does Malegra 100 works?

Sildenafil citrate one of the main components in this medicine. The other commonly used term for this medicine is Viagra. 

It primarily works by blocking the phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5). PDE5 is responsible for breaking down the cGMP a cyclic nucleotide which acts as a secondary messenger and likely activate the protein kinases in response to external cell surface. It is responsible for regulating the blood flow as well thus the flow of blood in the penis as well. 

The key here being a better blood flow in the penis which improves the erectility of it.

Storage instructions

It is preferable for the medicines shelf life to store it in a cooler and darker place. The medicine can undergo chemical reactions if kept under non-favorable conditions. The medicine must be kept away from children’s and pet’s reach. 

Precautions to be taken

Must not be consumed after taking any kind of alpha one antagonist (a minimum of 4 hours must be maintained)


Cardiovascular disease related patients must take immense precaution

Priapism (rare but prolonged erection)

Might lead to vision impairments in rare cases

Hearing loss 

Drop in the blood pressure

Side effects



Flushing of the skin

Congestion of the nasal area

Heart attack in severe cases of side effects