Some Wonderful Features of ProForm Smart Strider Elliptical


You may need a way to include low-impact cardio workouts to your home routine. Perhaps, you also want to add a new fitness gear with your other home gym materials. If our guess is correct, then you need an elliptical machine that comes with tons of benefits and meets your requirements.

A good quality elliptical helps you get both upper and lower body workouts. It can burn your body fat to lose weight so that you can always stay healthy. By using this machine, you can target your specific leg muscle. You can also enjoy a variety of options and maintain fitness after injury.

Choosing the best elliptical under 1000 dollars is a bit challenging. You may get overwhelmed by seeing plenty of options out there. That’s why we’ve shared a review of an excellent elliptical machine. Hopefully, you are going to get an overview of this fitness gear.

Review of ProForm Smart Strider 495 CSE Elliptical

The Smart Strider from ProFrom is one of the best elliptical trainers available on the market today. This fitness gear is a light-duty trainer that provides a 13lb drive for the whole body workouts. It also engages your entire body with every step. By adding resistance and movement to your upper body, you challenge your arms, shoulders, back, and core.

Quality Construction

This elliptical machine comes with the construction of commercial-gauge solid steel material with a weight capacity of up to 275 pounds. The frame is made from thick steel with an inertia-enhanced flywheel and wide pedals with a long stride. The padded workout arms help tone your upper body naturally as you use the machine. It also includes rear flywheel motor and rear-mounted transport wheels.

Multiple Resistance Levels and Handlebars

This excellent fishing gear features various resistance levels and handlebars. The handlebars come with cushioned grips for comfortable workouts without feeling any stress. They have sensors in the grips of the handlebars to measure your heart rate. Besides, this elliptical includes striding with 18 levels of resistance. The 18-inch stride provides you with low impact exercises on your body joints while having workouts.

Built-in Workout Apps

When it comes to having an effective workout, this machine comes with 18 preset workout apps, including unlimited iFit workout programs. It also includes Google Map formats so that you can make interaction with other workout enthusiasts. Besides, it features many built-in workout apps to challenge and assist in your progress.

LCD Console

This elliptical trainer has an LCD console for showing your calories, time, pulse, and distance. It also comes with an additional round display that shows the extortion level. Again, you can connect your tablet or mobile phone as a secondary screen. Additionally, this machine features an integrated speaker and is compatible with mp3-players. You can also see your power output with bright LED lights.


  • Features longer 18-inch stride
  • Helps you keep a healthy posture
  • Includes water bottle holder
  • Consists of an effective inertia-enhanced flywheel
  • Engages your entire body with every step


  • It might not have a wireless heart rate monitor


Maintaining the perfect shape of the body is a bit of a hard job, but this elliptical machine can help you lose calories and keep a perfect body shape. If you are leading a busy life, it will be a bit challenging for you. However, we hope this will help you think about what to consider when purchasing the elliptical machine under 1000 dollars.

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