What Newborn Care Entails


Holding your bundle of joy for the first time can lead to excitement, anxiety, and nervousness. Caring for a newborn can be intimidating, especially if you’re a first-time parent. Fortunately, the Redwood Family Health Center team offers comprehensive McKinney newborn care services that help keep your baby safe and healthy.

An overview of newborn care

The newborn stage is the most delicate stage that requires attention and comprehensive care to ensure that your child grows healthy. Newborn care begins immediately after birth. Suppose you are a first-time parent, the compassionate team at Redwood Family Health Center supports and helps you transition into parenthood by educating you about your child’s needs and health. If you have any concerns, you can talk them over with your physician to ensure your bundle of joy is healthy, for a healthy baby translates to a happy mother. After childbirth, you may feel overwhelmed or anxious about the changes you must constantly make to accommodate the growing infant. You can only know some things at a time. You can begin with the first step of taking your infant for an initial medical exam. Your provider will instruct you on how frequently you should visit to monitor your child’s growth and development.

Newborn care services your child needs

The Redwood Family Health Center specialists offer several in-office newborn services your child may need. They include:

  • Check-ups

For the first year of life and the few years that follow, you need to take your child on regular visits to track growth and development and ensure their health.

  • Immunizations

Immediately after birth, your physician may educate you about the immunizations your child needs and when to get them. Babies are vulnerable to many illnesses, and failure to get these immunizations can lead to life-threatening diseases. Your doctor explains the essence of each vaccine, helping protect your infant from diseases like polio, pertussis, tetanus, and hepatitis B.

  • Sick visits

If you notice an abnormality in your child’s behavior or have concerns about their health, your Redwood Family Health Center can thoroughly examine it. They may enquire about the symptoms and provide treatment when necessary.

  • Circumcision and umbilical cord care

The decision to circumcise your newborn lies in your hands and the specialists furnish you with enough details to help you make a decision. The team also helps you with umbilical cord care.

At-home newborn care tips

During routine newborn care appointments, the specialists offer support and guidance to make parenthood easier and more exciting. You can follow your doctor’s instructions to ensure your child goes through infancy healthily. The specialists may help you bathe your newborn, diaper the infant, newborn sleep habits, and nutritional needs for healthy growth and development. They also offer up-to-date education to keep your infant healthy and safe as they transition into the next stage of childhood. Such information gives you confidence and eliminates anxiety in the first year of parenthood.

To explore more about newborn care, call the Redwood Family Health Center office or use the online scheduling button to request an appointment today.

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